We love the beauty of natural light streaming through our windows, and want as much of it as we can get… but without protection, we pay a high price. If we go to the beach or the golf course, we put sunscreen on to protect our skin. What about the valuable possessions in your home? They need protection too… and Acuity Architectural Films are The Clear Choice.

Protect Valuable Possessions

Large windows invite light, brighten our environments and enhance the
enjoyment of our homes. However, exposing our valuable belongings to light, ultraviolet radiation and heat will severely damage draperies, carpets, upholstered fabrics, furniture, artwork, painted surfaces and even hard wood floors. Sunlight will bleach the life out of your living room: Vibrant, rich colors will fade and become dull… patterns and contrasts will lose their beauty and charm.You can drastically reduce the harmful effects of UV exposure to protect your family and the integrity of your furnishings with Acuity Architectural Films. Our films are transparent yet block up to 99% of harmful UV light. They are also available in a number of attractive shades specifically formulated for today’s use of glass by interior designers and architects.

Lower your Energy Costs
Stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Not only will unfiltered sunlight damage your furnishings, it will also create hot spots and increase the temperature of your home, raising the cost of air conditioning.

Brandon Lowe Window Tint uses Acuity Architectural Films that are essentially a thermal shield that blocks the inflow of solar heat in the summer, and adds a layer of insulation to help retain heat in the winter.

The amount of energy savings achieved per household depends on the window film used, the buildings construction and the climate in which the building is located. For example, there are window films available that reject from 35 percent of the solar energy for a neutral film that is virtually impossible to detect to 79 percent for a highly reflective film. Several films are available today to serve residential needs for energy savings, aesthetics, privacy and security.